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Top Tips for Getting Your Child to Sleep Better

Top Tips for Getting Your Child to Sleep Better

At Little Devils we understand getting young children to sleep
through the night can often be a challenge.

So how can you go about improving the situation if your child
has difficulty going to sleep or keeps waking up during the night?

Create a Good
Environment for Sleeping

Make sure the bedroom is dark, quiet and at
the right temperature. Being too hot or too
cold can interfere with sleep, so you may want
to use a thermometer in the room to check
that it is at a comfortable temperature. Also
use thick curtains to block out the light, and
ensure everyone else in the house does not
make too much noise.

Buy a Comfortable Bed

Make sure your child is sleeping in a
comfortable bed that provides good
support. You may even want to buy them a
themed bed in the shape of a car or a
princess's carriage, and use bed sheets with
pictures of their favourite cartoon
characters, which can help them enjoy going
to bed more.

Have a Set Time for Sleeping

Try to set a bedtime and then stick to it, even
on the weekends if possible. Your child will
need anywhere from nine to 12 hours of sleep,
so work out how much they need and then
come up with a routine that you can stick to.

Have a Time to Wake Up

Having a wake-up time in the morning can
also be useful. If your child wakes up too late,
they may end up going to bed later, and then
the whole routine becomes disturbed.

Have a Bedtime Routine

Children like routines, so make a routine out of
going to bed. Follow the same steps each night,
which could consist of a bath, a story and then
bed. This tells your child what is coming next,
and it is reassuring and comforting for them.

Avoid Too Much Activity
Before Bedtime

Too much activity can stop your child from
settling down properly, so try to calm things
down in the hour before bedtime. This could
mean turning the lights down, reading
stories on their kids sofa and creating a
quiet atmosphere.

Avoid TV Before Bedtime

Make sure your child has no screen for a few
hours before going to bed, which includes TV,
tablets, computer screens and smartphones,
all of which can affect how sleepy they feel.

Avoid the Wrong Types of
Snacks Before Bed

There is nothing wrong with eating a snack
before bedtime, but keep it small and make
sure it is something healthy rather than a
sugary snack.

Create a Safe,
Secure Environment

Many children have night time fears, which can
include a fear of the dark. Reassure them
before they go to bed, let them take their
favourite toy to bed with them, and keep the
nightlight on if they need it.

Speak to Your Doctor

Some children have more problems with
sleeping than others. While most of the time it
is completely normal, sometimes there may be
an underlying issue going on. If you are worried,
always speak to your doctor to see if there is
something they can help with.