Supremo Bambino!


Becoming a new parent is a joyous event; it can also be a very scary time especially if this is your first baby. You are exposed to lots of different views and opinions, its difficult to know who’s right and what advice to follow. One thing I think we can all agree on is that you probably wont get much sleep! We know this can be tough but Little Devils Direct aim to make the best of this wonderful experience. That’s why we work tirelessly to design products to make the process as easy and as comfortable as possible.

The Supremo Bambino Nursing Glider Chair is the ideal recliner chair for new mums. It has extra thick cushions and multiple backrest positions to make napping and nursing that much easier and more comfortable. It can be locked into position and it comes with a matching gliding footstool for that added touch of luxury when you really need it! We know it will never replace your bed but it’s an excellent alternative!

Many experts will tell you that gentle rocking and movement helps sooth your baby to sleep. It simulates the same conditions as that of the womb, which is why movement is so effective in getting your baby to sleep. The Supremo Bambino Nursing Glider Chair provides effortless gliding motion, which not only relaxes you; it transfers onto your newborn too. Available in 6 beautiful colours its makes the perfect addition to any nursery wanting to add just a little touch of style!

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