The Positive Benefits Of Having The Right Colour Scheme In Your Child’s Bedroom

Children can be incredibly sensitive to colour.  The right colours have the ability to create calm, to soothe or even inspire!  Picking the wrong colour can cause children to become distracted or even agitated, if used too liberally or in the wrong setting.  Picking the right colour to fit in with your home’s overall style can also be tricky especially when decorating a child’s room. If you aren’t bold enough to go for an all over colour, furniture can be an excellent way of introducing a splash here and there.

A versatile natural colour like green creates calm and will give your child a soothing environment.  It is considered to be the most restful colour for the eye.  Recent studies have shown that the colour green has the ability to reduce anxiety and even help with children’s comprehension.  Fun yet practical the Commando Themed Furniture Set encompasses this earthy feel.




Children who experience behavioral problems usually respond in a positive way to the colour blue; it lowers blood pressure and heart rate, which in turn can reduce aggression. Serene and calming, blue is often recommended for bedrooms as the best place to create that relaxing feel. Capturing the nautical charm, the Pirate Furniture Set is a contemporary way of styling a child’s room boy or girl.




It has been suggested that red isn’t the best all over colour for your child’s room; it could encourage aggression and create a space that is difficult to focus in.  Which is why red works much better as an accent, the F1 Set would work great here.   A splash of red is vibrant and stirs up a feeling of excitement. Used in the right way, red can energize the body and stimulate the mind!



Lastly pink has a way of inspiring sensitivity and imagination in children.  It’s also the colour of creativity.  A colour that can inspire such things is great in your child’s room, especially if that’s where they do their homework.  Classic in its design the Magical Princess 4-Poster Bed is a real focal point for any little girl’s room, together with the rest of the set.  Your child’s bedroom really makes a statement!



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