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Separation anxiety in toddlers is very common and understandable among children, with the ultra clingy phase usually peaking just before children turn two. Whether you’re leaving your little one at nursery or heading off on a night out, meltdowns are imminent, tears are plentiful, and absolutely no one else will do.

It’s also common for your little one to literally cling to you – when you’re taking in the shopping, hanging out the washing, cooking dinner or brushing your teeth. We even witnessed a friend walk down the aisle with a damp-faced but pacified toddler perched on her hip!

While we don’t expect brides to don our handy hip seat carriers, they really are a great solution to a universal cause of discomfort amongst parents. Specifically designed to address the key source of adult back pain, the hipseat relieves some of the weight and strain which the arms, shoulders and back endure when carrying toddlers and young children. Robust, durable and covered in a hardwearing easy-clean fabric, our hip seats will see your little one from the age of 6 months all the way up to 3 years, or up to a weight of 30Kg.

It’s extremely lightweight with a wide padded waistband that fits waists up to 42”. There is an inner Velcro fastening and an outer buckle for an extra secure fit. It is easily adjusted and swapped between mum and dad while out and about, and is perfect for situations where little ones might become tired and buggies are not a practical option. It also enables toddlers to be close to their parents whilst being free to observe their surroundings.

Black Hip Seat

Black Hip Seat – £24.95

Balancing the toddler on the hip seat also frees up a hand for parents so that carrying out daily tasks in the company of little limpets is made that bit easier. While they do eventually grow out of it, it’s great to have that extra bit of support during one of the most challenging periods of parenthood. Many parents who purchase our hip seat have said they don’t know how they ever managed without it – when you think about how much time is spent carrying your child, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. Perhaps with the exception of the altar, you really can take it anywhere! Check out our full colour options here.

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