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The Positive Benefits Of Having The Right Colour Scheme In Your Child’s Bedroom

Children can be incredibly sensitive to colour.  The right colours have the ability to create calm, to soothe or even inspire!  Picking the wrong colour can cause children to become distracted or even agitated, if used too liberally or in the wrong setting.  Picking the right colour to fit in with your home’s overall style can also be tricky especially when decorating a child’s room. If you aren’t bold enough to go for an all over colour, furniture can be an excellent way of introducing a splash here and there.

A versatile natural colour like green creates calm and will give your child a soothing environment.  It is considered to be the most restful colour for the eye.  Recent studies have shown that the colour green has the ability to reduce anxiety and even help with children’s comprehension.  Fun yet practical the Commando Themed Furniture Set encompasses this earthy feel.




Children who experience behavioral problems usually respond in a positive way to the colour blue; it lowers blood pressure and heart rate, which in turn can reduce aggression. Serene and calming, blue is often recommended for bedrooms as the best place to create that relaxing feel. Capturing the nautical charm, the Pirate Furniture Set is a contemporary way of styling a child’s room boy or girl.




It has been suggested that red isn’t the best all over colour for your child’s room; it could encourage aggression and create a space that is difficult to focus in.  Which is why red works much better as an accent, the F1 Set would work great here.   A splash of red is vibrant and stirs up a feeling of excitement. Used in the right way, red can energize the body and stimulate the mind!



Lastly pink has a way of inspiring sensitivity and imagination in children.  It’s also the colour of creativity.  A colour that can inspire such things is great in your child’s room, especially if that’s where they do their homework.  Classic in its design the Magical Princess 4-Poster Bed is a real focal point for any little girl’s room, together with the rest of the set.  Your child’s bedroom really makes a statement!



Supremo Bambino!


Becoming a new parent is a joyous event; it can also be a very scary time especially if this is your first baby. You are exposed to lots of different views and opinions, its difficult to know who’s right and what advice to follow. One thing I think we can all agree on is that you probably wont get much sleep! We know this can be tough but Little Devils Direct aim to make the best of this wonderful experience. That’s why we work tirelessly to design products to make the process as easy and as comfortable as possible.

The Supremo Bambino Nursing Glider Chair is the ideal recliner chair for new mums. It has extra thick cushions and multiple backrest positions to make napping and nursing that much easier and more comfortable. It can be locked into position and it comes with a matching gliding footstool for that added touch of luxury when you really need it! We know it will never replace your bed but it’s an excellent alternative!

Many experts will tell you that gentle rocking and movement helps sooth your baby to sleep. It simulates the same conditions as that of the womb, which is why movement is so effective in getting your baby to sleep. The Supremo Bambino Nursing Glider Chair provides effortless gliding motion, which not only relaxes you; it transfers onto your newborn too. Available in 6 beautiful colours its makes the perfect addition to any nursery wanting to add just a little touch of style!

Kid’s Sofas & Chairs

Kid's Chairs and Sofas

Our children’s bedrooms have become just as important as the rest of the house. They are a safe haven to play with friends, a calm environment to study and a place they can relax when you are busy with dinner! Little Devils Direct has a passion for all things kids. We believe your child deserves the best quality furniture but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Children’s chairs and sofa’s are an excellent way to add a touch of luxury to your kid’s room. Our Lazybones Sets are made of high quality real leather and come in a range of exciting colours. They also feature a very practical footstool, its no surprise that the Lazybones Sets are our bestseller!

If you are looking for something funky, yet designed with equal consideration to both functionality and style it has to be our Children’s Themed Chairs. From our Big Kids’ Striker Football Chair to our Big Kids’ Basketball Chair, you’ll score some serious cool points with this contemporary range.

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Black Carrera Sport 3-in-1 Pushchair

Bringing your new baby home from the hospital is one of those momentous occasions that every parent looks forward to.  Choosing the right transportation for your baby can be mind-boggling, especially in today’s market with so many different products to choose from.

Exclusively stocked at Little Devils Direct is the new award winning Carrera Sport 3-in-1 Travel System.   This incredibly practical pushchair easily transforms into a stylish yet comfortable carrycot and car seat.  It also includes a rain cover, a mosquito net and changing bag.  For a limited time only it also comes with a free winter upgrade.

The lightweight aluminium frame allows for easy manoeuvrability and the 360-degree swivel front wheels make the Carrera Sport 3–in-1 Travel System the smoothest ride around!  It comes in a range of vibrant colours that will be sure to get you noticed on your stroll.

This truly is a very special pushchair, not only is it stylish and luxurious but with its 5-point safety harness its incredibly safe too.  The ultimate travel system is now here; beautifully designed and exclusively found at Little Devils Direct.  Why look anywhere else!


Hush Hush 360 – The Chairs Mums Deserve

When you’re caring for your brand new little bundle of joy, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time in the nursery. So with that in mind you’ll be wanting some comfortable yet stylish furniture for the room, in particular you’ll be thinking of purchasing a nursing chair. As parents spend more and more time with their bouncing baby, nursing chairs have grown in popularity and are certainly becoming the main focus of modern day nurseries.

So in order to meet the growing demands, Little Devils Direct have released their brand new nursery range – Hush Hush. After listening closely to the wants and needs of new parents. The Hush Hush 360 chair has been designed to incorporate & combine modern functional design with ergonomic performance.

The Hush Hush 360 really does stand out from the crowd and the rest of the marketplace. The swivel and glide functions combine perfectly with the extra width, high back curvature & ergonomic arm height to provide mothers and fathers with the best and most spacious gliding piece of furniture yet.

The wide choice of colours and fabrics mean that the chair can be customised in any way to meet the needs of new parents. The combination of perfect craftsmanship and high-end upholstery provide new mums & dads with a stylish piece of furniture that blends right in with the interior décor of most modern homes.

Nursing mums spend a great deal of time in their feeding chair, so comfort, support & freedom of movement are major factors that have to be considered. The Hush Hush 360 is the ultimate practical and functional chair that looks inviting to sit on as well as providing the feel of high quality Italian design without the incredible price tag – it’s the perfect solution for those long sleepless nights and never ending feeding sessions.

The Hush Hush 360 is very durable and provides a lovely layer of luxurious padding, which combined with the rotating feature & matching footstool gives parents the perfect opportunity to use their little one’s nursery as an extension of their style and encompass the space into the same interior décor as the rest of the home.

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