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Blue And Pink Piggy Banks,

Coming Soon: Preparing for Baby on a Budget

Here at Little Devils Direct one of our key aims is to help make bringing a little one into the world as enjoyable as possible. For many of you, that means making the process more affordable without the need to compromise on quality, style, and the safety of your child. As parents who have brought up a baby on a budget ourselves, we are often asked if we’ve got any hints and tips for those of you out there who are doing the same.

To help you out, we’ve been spending a lot of time pulling together the ultimate guide to preparing for a baby on a budget. It goes from analysing your cash flow and identifying easy ways to cut back, to advising on the purchase of second-hand items. With such a wide range of choice and an ever increasing array of gadgets being touted as must-haves to expecting parents, we share the things that we found to be:

  • Absolute essentials
  • Not a necessity, but a worthwhile investment
  • A definite luxury, but still nice to have
  • Rarely used

This can help you prioritise your spending and prevent you from wasting money before baby has even arrived.

We also offer our tips on shopping around for the best price and purchasing multifunctional items such as cot beds and 3-in-1 Travel systems that can help to save money in the long run. We’ve even written an extensive section on how to keep equipment and sterilisation costs to a minimum when it comes to feeding your little one!

We’ve still got a little bit of work to do, as every single day a new idea or piece of advice for it pops into our head, however, we are very excited to share our guide and our experiences with you. We can’t wait till it’s finished and will keep you updated on its progress.

Is there any aspect of preparing for a baby you would like our guide to address in particular? Or would you like to see a guide on another parenting subject? Just let us know in the comments and we’ll see what we can do!


A peaceful nights sleep


Excitement, happiness, anticipation, nervousness, these are all feelings that rush through your mind in those first few nights at home with your newborn. Getting into a routine and having a good night’s sleep is important for both you and your baby.

We know, from experience that in order for mum to get a good night’s sleep the comfort and safety of your little one while asleep is essential.

What your little one will need:

A crib or cot Cribs can be used from the birth of your baby up to six months old. Most parents then make the transition from a crib into a cot.  Cribs are very popular amongst parents for their newborns, although cots can also be used from birth to approx 24 months.

A cot mattressIt is recommended that a new mattress is purchased for each newborn baby. Using a mattress which has already been used will not be as comfortable for your little one and may lead to an unsettled nights sleep for you and baby.

You can put your mind at rest! Any Little Devil Direct cot comes provided with a fully sprung mattress ideal for your little one to lay their head. These mattresses are manufactured to the highest standards, comply with the safety and performance requirements and made with only the best materials.

We choose to supply these mattresses as they offer a hygienic, anti-allergenic breathable and moisture resistant surface, which is wipe clean and washable ideal for any little accidents that may occur.

Top sheets x 4 Bedding sheets are available in a range of materials to help add to your baby’s comfort. You can choose from woven cotton, brushed flannelette which feels warm to the touch, stretch cotton terry or cotton jersey.

Fitted mattress sheets x 4Stretch-fitted mattress sheets are very useful as they are less likely to become untucked while your baby sleeps. They are also quick and easy to put on and take off, which means more quality time for you and your baby.

Blankets x 3 – Simply add or take away a blanket if your baby is too hot or too cold. Cotton sheets and blankets are easy to layer and keep your baby at the right temperature.

Sleeping bag/DuvetLots of parents love sleeping bags as babies cant kick them off, become cold and then wake in the night. Just remember to never use your sleeping bag in addition to a quilt or duvet, as your baby will become far too hot.

Babies need to be kept warm but not too hot, which is why tog ratings apply to all sleeping bags, (quilts and duvets for babies over 12 months). Sleeping bags and bedding should be purchased with season in mind, opting for a lower tog rating in the summer months (0.5 tog or 1 tog) and no more than 2.5 tog in the winter months.

Room thermometerRoom temperate is vital in creating a safe sleeping environment for your baby. A steady room temperature should be maintained at 16-20ºC. Buying a room thermometer will help you keep an eye on the temperature.

Relax! Take a deep breath and enjoy every moment of being pregnant and planning for your new arrival.


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baby in sling

Using your baby sling safely


While using sling-wraps and other carriers are a very safe way to carry baby, we strongly encourage parents to be informed on positioning guidelines to ensure baby’s safety and comfort. Just like you would with a car seat, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the best practice recommendations.

The UK Consortium of Sling Manufacturers and Retailers have created an easy-to-remember checklist that you can run through every time you use a wrap or carrier to help ensure baby’s safety. Called T.I.C.K.S, you should use this checklist whenever you are carrying baby in one of our Hush Hush wraps.




Tight – slings and carriers should be tied tight enough to keep baby close and snug against you. Slack fabric can sometimes allow baby to slump down in the carrier, potentially hindering breathing. A loose sling also offers less support for you, putting more strain on your back and shoulders.

In View At All Times – you should always be able to see your little one’s face at a quick glance down, without having to move any fabric from the sling. If lying in a cradle position, baby should face upwards and not in towards your body.

Close Enough to Kiss – baby’s head should be as close to your chin as is comfortable – you should be able to kiss your baby on the head or forehead simply by tipping your head forwards.

Keep Chin off the Chest – baby should never be curled so their chin is forced onto their chest as this is uncomfortable and can even restrict breathing in some cases. There should always be space of at least a finger width under baby’s chin.

Supported Back – if carrying baby in an upright position, they should be held comfortably close to you so that their back is supported in its natural position with tummy and chest against you. This ensures the airways are kept open as normal.


As long as you follow these straightforward guidelines, there’s no reason you and baby can’t safely enjoy being snuggled together whilst out and about or napping. Wrap slings really are a great way to carry your little one around, offering comfort and bonding not offered by prams and car seats – you can read about some of the fantastic benefits in our blog post here.

Navy Blue Hip Seat

Keep Active With Our New Hip Seat

Separation anxiety in toddlers is very common and understandable among children, with the ultra clingy phase usually peaking just before children turn two. Whether you’re leaving your little one at nursery or heading off on a night out, meltdowns are imminent, tears are plentiful, and absolutely no one else will do.

It’s also common for your little one to literally cling to you – when you’re taking in the shopping, hanging out the washing, cooking dinner or brushing your teeth. We even witnessed a friend walk down the aisle with a damp-faced but pacified toddler perched on her hip!

While we don’t expect brides to don our handy hip seat carriers, they really are a great solution to a universal cause of discomfort amongst parents. Specifically designed to address the key source of adult back pain, the hipseat relieves some of the weight and strain which the arms, shoulders and back endure when carrying toddlers and young children. Robust, durable and covered in a hardwearing easy-clean fabric, our hip seats will see your little one from the age of 6 months all the way up to 3 years, or up to a weight of 30Kg.

It’s extremely lightweight with a wide padded waistband that fits waists up to 42”. There is an inner Velcro fastening and an outer buckle for an extra secure fit. It is easily adjusted and swapped between mum and dad while out and about, and is perfect for situations where little ones might become tired and buggies are not a practical option. It also enables toddlers to be close to their parents whilst being free to observe their surroundings.

Black Hip Seat

Black Hip Seat – £24.95

Balancing the toddler on the hip seat also frees up a hand for parents so that carrying out daily tasks in the company of little limpets is made that bit easier. While they do eventually grow out of it, it’s great to have that extra bit of support during one of the most challenging periods of parenthood. Many parents who purchase our hip seat have said they don’t know how they ever managed without it – when you think about how much time is spent carrying your child, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. Perhaps with the exception of the altar, you really can take it anywhere! Check out our full colour options here.

What are your dessert island baby products?

Paisley Print Breastfeeding Cover

Baby Bonding

When it comes to bonding with baby, feeding time is definitely up there. While there has been some progress with the effort to make breastfeeding in public less taboo, it is still very common for breastfeeding mums to feel uncomfortable, meaning they can’t enjoy their bonding time while out and about.  Feeding in public can be difficult for baby too, as lively surroundings can become a distraction.

Many mums we have spoken to have said that their default solution to this is to drape blankets or cardigans over baby during feeding. However, items of clothing usually offer poor coverage and slip down, whilst it can become very hot and stuffy for baby under blankets, especially during warmer weather. They also obscure your view of baby which can hinder the bonding process

Fortunately, our breastfeeding covers resolve all these issues, without breaking the bank or compromising on style. Extra wide and made of light breathable fabric, they offer great coverage without weighing down on baby, while the adjustable neck strap keeps it securely in place. A rigid section at the neckline lets you check up on baby and allows cool air to circulate to keep baby comfortable and focused on feeding.

Our fun range of patterns means you’re sure to find something to your taste, and the neat little pouch means you can just fold it up, chuck it in your bag and take it wherever you go.

Ideally, we’d like it if women could just nurse in public without being made to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious, but until that’s the case we want mums to feel as relaxed as possible during their special time with baby – and we think our breastfeeding covers are the perfect solution. Click here to view our full range.

Breastfeeding Covers

Breastfeeding Covers – £10.95

Hush Hush Carry Sling

Carry on in comfort

Wrap slings are becoming an increasingly popular way to carry baby, whether it’s out and about or just around the house. Here are some of the reasons mums and dads love them so much:

  • Baby is swaddled closely to you for long periods of time, allowing comfort and bonding due to the soothing sound and feel of a parent’s heartbeat
  • It is particularly effective at soothing babies with colic and reflex who prefer sleeping upright
  • A stirring baby can be gently shifted around for comfort without complete disturbance
  • You get to keep baby close but still have full use of both your hands
  • The fabrics are ultra-soft, and there are no hard plastic or metal fastenings to dig in anywhere
  • Baby’s weight is spread out evenly across your back and shoulders and feels comfortable for much longer periods of time
  • Washing machine and tumble dryer safe, it’s super easy to clean
  • You can fold it up in its pouch and take it anywhere

Newcomers to the wrap trend often worry that baby won’t be secure, that they won’t be able to tie it properly, or that tying it all the time will be too much of a hassle. However, we have step by step directions to make using our Hush Hush wrap sling even easier for new parents, and once you’ve practiced three or four times you’ll be able to do it in your sleep! You’ll be surprised at how safe, secure and snug baby feels against you, and you can easily pop baby in and out as needed once you’re wearing the wrap. The only difficult thing about our wrap is choosing which of our 11 gorgeous colours to go for!

Hush Hush Wraparound Slings

Hush Hush Wraparound Slings – £19.95


Click here to view our full range of newborn baby accessories.