Hush Hush Carry Sling

Carry on in comfort

Wrap slings are becoming an increasingly popular way to carry baby, whether it’s out and about or just around the house. Here are some of the reasons mums and dads love them so much:

  • Baby is swaddled closely to you for long periods of time, allowing comfort and bonding due to the soothing sound and feel of a parent’s heartbeat
  • It is particularly effective at soothing babies with colic and reflex who prefer sleeping upright
  • A stirring baby can be gently shifted around for comfort without complete disturbance
  • You get to keep baby close but still have full use of both your hands
  • The fabrics are ultra-soft, and there are no hard plastic or metal fastenings to dig in anywhere
  • Baby’s weight is spread out evenly across your back and shoulders and feels comfortable for much longer periods of time
  • Washing machine and tumble dryer safe, it’s super easy to clean
  • You can fold it up in its pouch and take it anywhere

Newcomers to the wrap trend often worry that baby won’t be secure, that they won’t be able to tie it properly, or that tying it all the time will be too much of a hassle. However, we have step by step directions to make using our Hush Hush wrap sling even easier for new parents, and once you’ve practiced three or four times you’ll be able to do it in your sleep! You’ll be surprised at how safe, secure and snug baby feels against you, and you can easily pop baby in and out as needed once you’re wearing the wrap. The only difficult thing about our wrap is choosing which of our 11 gorgeous colours to go for!

Hush Hush Wraparound Slings

Hush Hush Wraparound Slings – £19.95


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